Finding a flat in Erasmus: Mission Impossible?

Every year, at the end of August, the hostels in the main university cities see a rapid change of customers: Relaxed backpackers in flip-flops are gradually replaced by Erasmus and exchange students with bulky suitcases and one very specific mission: finding a flat!

Some are lucky and leave the hostel after a few days, but most of them often need to keep extending their stay, day by day, dragging their luggage from a dorm room to the next, before going back to their online ads browsing and frantic collection of mobile numbers on the university boards. It takes more than a few phone calls to find someone on the other end of the line who can speak english, has a room available in a decent area and for an affordable price.

Finding a flat sometimes actually seems a mission impossible!

What if you could find your room before arriving in your Erasmus city?

What until recently sounded like a dream – or a risky plunge – is now incredibly easy!

Forget moldy student halls and cryptic room ads, now you can find your ideal student flat from home thanks to the service offered by Uniplaces.

Let us tell you why we chose them as partners, after having tried their services for us.

First, the booking system is super easy and the young and expert team will take care of all the aspects of mediating between you and the accommodation provider. That’s why all the ads are fully detailed and the photos are taken by professional photographers in order to represent the room in the most realistic way.

Finding a flat can also be cheaper thanks to the special offer dedicated to all the Erasmus People visitors: use the promocode “ERASMUSPEOPLE” to have a 25% discount on the booking fee!

Room viewing odysseys

The worst part of flat hunting? If you ask us is the viewings. With a packed agenda in one hand and a map in the other you will be running from one side of the city to the opposite one, running to catch that bus and panting up flights of stairs to be on time for the meetings.

Thanks to the extremely detailed ads you won’t need that, and you can confidently march from the airport to your new place knowing exactly what to expect.

All the flats are also verified in different ways in order to avoid your fear of scammers!

There is more: the 100% satisfaction guarantee!

If you don’t like the flat or room you have booked, you will have your money back! You have until 24 hours after your check-in date to ask your money back and receive assistance for a new place in the area!

Start your research

New home, new life

Before moving to a new city it’s normal to be confused by its geography. Even in a relatively small city you might not know the difference between one zone and another, or which public transport takes less time to get to your University.
You won’t need to worry about that because with Uniplaces you can search accommodation by University, and the map will automatically point you on the right area.

Living in a student accommodation you can expect that most of the people will stay over the same period as you but that’s not always the case. During your Erasmus you might see a few flatmates coming and going, which is not cool if you see a friend leaving but it’s also great as you’ll have more chances to meet lovely people.

Unless clearly specified in the ad your flatmates might be either boys or girls – who knows you might even get lucky! – but surely they will all be students, like you!

What are you waiting for?


Let’s sum up the main points of why we like this modern way to book your Erasmus flat:

  • You can book it from your country, from your room, from your sofa…
  • You can save your money because you won’t need to book an hostel;
  • You can save MORE money using the promocode “ERASMUSPEOPLE“: 25% discount on the booking fee;
  • You can save your time because you won’t need to run from a side to another of the city visiting flats;
  • You don’t have to worry about scammers because all the flats are verified;
  • You will live with other students like you;
  • 100% money-back guarantee: don’t like the flat? Get your money back and receive assistance for a new place!
  • More than 10.000 students from over 165 countries have already booked their flat like this!
  • You can read more than 600 reviews scoring 9/10 on trustpilot.

What are you waiting for?


Special Offer Details

Expiring Date 30/06/2018 12:00 am
Category Accommodation
Price (€) 199
Features of the offer 25% Discount on the booking fee

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