Mobile SIM: Wind Smart 7 Gold Limited Edition

Wind is one of the most famous italian mobile communication providers and it is the most used by Erasmus and Exchange students in Italy thanks to its special offers like this one: Wind Smart 7 Gold Limited Edition!

Wind Smart 7 Gold Limited Edition is a brand new mobile special offer and we think it is great for new Erasmus and Exchange students!

If you are interested in this offer, hurry up because it is available until October 15!

Let’s have a look at the details of this offer:

  • First of all, it is a rechargeable mobile SIM. It means that you don’t need to do a subscription, so it is perfect if you are going to stay in Italy just for some months;
  • The price is super competitive, in fact it costs 7 Euro per month (28 days) and it includes:
    • 1000 minutes of mobile calls to national numbers;
    • 10 GIGAs of mobile internet;
  • It is an online-only offer. It means that you can only activate it from the website of Wind 7 Limited Edition. The good thing is that you have just to fill the form and wait for your SIM card.
  • It is a “Cash-On-Delivery” offer: you will pay only at the time of delivery.
  • This offer will expire on October 15!

How to get Wind Smart 7 Gold Limited Edition

Getting the SIM with the Wind Smart 7 Gold Limited Edition offer is quite easy but you have to keep in mind some important things:

  • Filling the form you will have to specify your “Codice Fiscale” and your address:
    • How to get the “Codice Fiscale“? Go to and fill the form with your surname, name, date of birth, gender and COUNTRY of birth (if you are italian, you will have to write your city of birth);
    • The address is mandatory and it has to be an italian one. If you don’t have a place to stay yet, save this article and go on when you are ready!
  • You can choose the day of delivery and that day you have to be at home waiting for the courier;
  • You will have to give a copy of your ID card to the courier, so be sure you have one or make it before the day of delivery;
  • As said before, you will have to pay at the delivery. The total price is 25 Euro and it includes the SIM, the activation fee and one month of Wind Smart 7 Gold Limited Edition;


Get Wind 7 Gold Limited Edition Now!


EU Free Roaming and Erasmus: Should you make an Italian SIM?

From June 2017 European Union approved the free roaming between EU countries. It means that you won’t have to pay extra fees or different fares when you travel to another country. The contract you have in your country will work abroad.

Having said that, probably your contract includes a lot of minutes to YOUR country numbers and not to other country ones.

Keep in mind that during your Erasmus or Exchange period you will probably have to call many italian numbers: when you look for a flat, when you call the university or the hospital (we hope you won’t need it anyway!) and remember that not all your future friends will be from your country…

So we suggest you to make a rechargeable italian SIM and call your parents or friends in your country when you are home with your Wi-Fi or, only if you need it, using the GIGAs you have included in your italian offer!

Do you think that Wind Smart 7 Gold Limited Edition is the offer for you?

Special Offer Details

Expiring Date 15/10/2017 12:00 am
Category Mobile
Price (€) 7
Features of the offer 10 GIGAs and 1000 Minutes

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